clément cases
„playful letters and variable technology”

datum_mittwoch, 13. märz 2024
zeit_19:00 uhr
ort_designforum | mq wien

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in this lecture, we will explore the playful side of type design, with a particular emphasis on the creative potential offered by variable fonts. variable fonts have revolutionised the way designers approach typography, allowing for un- precedented flexibility and adaptability. through engaging demonstrations and case studies, we will showcase how variable fonts can be used to inject personality, expressiveness, and dynamism into typographic compositions.

drawing from experiences in graphic and type design, insights will be shared into the playful experimentation and iterative process involved in creating custom variable typefaces. participants will gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities inherent in variable font technology and be inspired to infuse their own design practice with a sense of curiosity, experimentation, and playfulness. knowing about variable fonts, their concepts and technical background will also enrich any typographic design process.

clément cases is a multidisciplinary designer, who delves into the realms of type design, print, and art direction. originally from france, he has been residing in london since 2020, where he divides his time between crafting typefaces, creating brand identities and doing researches about printing medias. this practice is characterised by a significant emphasis on experimental research, approached with enthusiasm, creativity, and a dedication that goes beyond the ordinary.

» www.clementcases.com

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